Losing hair after Covid vaccination or infection

More and more people that are affected asking themselves the questions “Does Covid cause hair loss?” and “How long does Covid hair loss last?”. And indeed, post Covid hair loss is one of the most common symptoms of long-COVID. The adverse symptoms occur with a time delay, weeks to months after the infection has cleared and last for several months. However, independent studies show that Covid attacks hair follicles and thus is a link between Covid and hair loss. Almost every fourth Covid patient complains about losing hair after having Covid. The severity of the Covid process is not decisive. In addition, more and more vaccinated patients complain about losing hair after Covid vaccination. 

Does Covid cause hair loss?

After more than two years since the Covid pandemic started, the reasons for the severity of the disease course have not been sufficiently established. Experts continue to search for correlations for the variety of symptoms that appear and persist months after the infection has cleared.

Losing hair after Covid is often among the worst long-COVID symptoms for those affected. In addition to the physical discomfort, this issue puts a strain on the mental equilibrium of those affected. The same applies to the discomfort of losing hair after the Covid-19 vaccination.

What are the causes?

Experts believe that the body reacts with post Covid hair loss, because the exposure to the virus was too strong and the virus attacks not only the lungs, but also the hair follicles. In technical terminology, the term "telogen effluvium" is used. This process describes the change of hair from the growth phase to the failure phase. In the failure phase, there is increased hair loss or thinning of hair growth. Physicians assume changes in the vascular system. As a result, the hair root is not supplied with oxygen and important nutrients. The hair lacks strength and the anchoring in the scalp decreases and becomes weaker.

The hair does not fall out abruptly but loosens over a longer period of two to three months. This slow and gradual process puts patients under additional stress and increases the pressure of suffering. Severe depressive moods and social withdrawal may exacerbate the association between Covid and hair loss. In stressful situations, the body releases more of the stress hormone Cortisol, which in turn slows hair growth.

Autoimmune diseases can also be an additional trigger. Covid viruses can reactivate such diseases that occurred in the past or contribute to their first occurrence. In these cases, the hair roots are attacked and bald patches of beard, scalp hair as well as eyebrows and eyelashes appear within a very short time. Complete hair loss can also occur, so the gradual process should be treated immediately and in a targeted manner.

Protection of hair follicles from aggressive virus

Studies confirm the protective effect of the active ingredient Redensyl. The application of the active ingredient protects the hair follicles and revives cell communication.
Thus, on the one hand hair growth is promoted and on the other hand hair loss is stopped. The results of the study confirm that regular use of Redensyl for hair loss is equivalent to three complete hair transplant procedures.
Thus, prevention with the active ingredient Redensyl in Covid-related hair loss is recommended by experts. 

Losing hair after Covid vaccination 

Also, more and more vaccinated people report a correlation between hair loss and the administration of the vaccine. However, hair loss after vaccination differs in its form from hair loss after infection and occurs in rarer cases.

According to studies, the vaccination reaction occurs 2 to 3 weeks after administration of the vaccine and manifests itself as circular hair loss (med. Alopecia Areata). In this case, several mostly round or oval areas on the scalp are affected. In addition, one side of the head often has more bald patches than the other.

 The cause of losing hair after Covid vaccination is also in this case the weakened immune system and the body's defense reaction to the vaccine.

Different hair loss in women and men

For both sexes, Covid and hair loss is an enormous burden. But it differs between women and men.

Experience shows that Post-Covid hair loss occurs more frequently for women than for men. In addition, hair loss for women is accompanied by the scalp being painful and burning at the same time. Women are also more likely to be affected by massive diffuse hair loss. Thus, hair does not only fall out in certain areas, but the entire scalp hair appears thinned out and the scalp shimmers through more and more. Post-Covid hair loss occurs suddenly and should be treated as soon as possible. Redensyl can protect the hair follicles from dying, providing a solution to Covid and the hair loss problem.

In men, Covid hair loss does not only affect hair on the head, but hair on other body parts may also fall out. Thus, hairless areas often appear in the beard region. Compared to women, men are hardly affected by diffuse hair loss after Covid.

Covid-related hair loss is reversible

Numerous studies are currently being conducted worldwide on the relationship between Covid and hair loss.

However, the current state of research reveals that hair loss after Covid is probably reversible. Consequently, the answer to the question "How long does Covid hair loss last?" is that the state normalizes after three to six months and after this period, the hair growth phase starts again. However, it is important to create the perfect conditions for new hair in advance to stimulate and promote hair growth already during the loss phase to accelerate growth process.

How to solve the problem with Covid and hair loss?

Numerous products with questionable promises of success can be found on the market. Special tinctures, lotions and shampoos against hair loss are supposed to make the hair grow overnight. Extreme caution is always advised here, because apart from the fact that these products are expensive, in most cases they are also ineffective or even harmful to the already stressed hair roots. Nevertheless, the problem with Covid and hair loss must be treated specifically to exclude complete hairlessness.

A healthy diet with numerous vital substances is a good basis for a functioning organism. In addition, various independent studies confirm the effectiveness of the active ingredient Redensyl in hair loss.